Shiva Tantra

This blog focuses on Non-Dual Saiva Tantra (NST) in the Krama-Trika synthesis of Abhinava Gupta. The philosophy and sadhana of NST provide the means to live an ecstatic and awakened life by exploring the interplay of pure consciousness and pure dynamism in the creation, maintenance, and dissolution of the perceived world. NST is concerned with learning how to live as self-aware embodied expressions of the Divine. It is about awakening to our spiritual nature, while simultaneously enjoying the pleasures of human existence.

Mukhti before bukhti, but always including both – this is tantra. 

This blog is intended to be a one-stop-shop for everything relating to the Non-Dual Saiva Tantra of Kashmir. The eventual goal is to be a resource center for NST, in which all currently available information and resources about Saiva Tantra is centrally located in one place.

“My mind, wounded by the frightful sword of craving, became impoverished as it forgot its own glory. Now, it has utterly nothing left whatsoever to possess and reposes in a state of unbounded compassion and generosity that comes from experiencing the supreme thrill of self-awareness.”

-11th century Krama (Tantric) Sage Śrī Nāga

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